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Queer Vox started as a pay-what-you-can intro class in animation and video game voiceover, where 24 students learned how to view their career through a queer lens.  Though this class has expanded into an Academy with topical workshops, panels, and office hours, our core tenets remain the same: bringing quality queer-fronted training to our community that doesn’t increase their financial burden.

With the guidance of our Programming committee, we’re developing new and exciting curriculum for our students to take them from voiceover interest to voiceover opportunity.  Our Intro class remains the flagship of the Academy, but we’re developing further courses that address where our students are in their VO journey.  These topics include intensives in animation, video games, commercials, and dubbing, as well as home studio set-ups, marketing, demos, gender vocal affirmation, and networking with professionals.  As we solidify more of our coursework, we’ll post it here.  For now, join our newsletter by signing up here:


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